Why don’t people listen?

This is the post excerpt.


Have you ever talked to someone on the telephone (example:  doctor’s office) and you are trying to explain what you need….and they repeat exactly opposite from what you said.  It is like they hear the negative value of what you say.

“No, “ I repeat, “I need the XYZ prescription refilled, not the ABC one.”
“Oh you need the ABC one?”

Grrrrr.  I fear I have lapsed into an alien language and that’s why they cannot understand me.

The same with drive through restaurants’ attendants and their speaker systems.  “I want a hot dog with chili only”
They reply, “That’s one hot dog with everything but chili?”

I understand your job is completely mindless and you are bored to tears, but pay attention, just this once….
“one hot dog with chili only”, I repeat.

My patience is thin.  I try to smile and exchange pleasantries with someone you want to strangle with their headset.

“Thank you so much, have a wonderful day.” I say as I take the paper sack which contains my hot dog with everything but chili and drive away gritting my teeth.

LaDonna J.

How many passwords is too many?

Do you struggle with an overabundance of passwords?  You have passwords for your bank, for your phone, for social media accounts, for computer applications AND that is not even the start…if you work in the business world, you probably have about 20 more.  Then there is the ecommerce/pay your bills online bucket full of passwords too.  How is one person suppose to remember all the passwords?  If I could, I would make them all the same, but about the time you finally synced them up, one of them is going say, “it’s time to change your password”.  UGGGHHHHH!  Time and the New York Times both had articles about the worse passwords of 2016.  They actually have computer programs that meticulously and methodically figure out passwords.

You know why all this is necessary?  Because some punk hacker wants to try to steal what you have.  You may not have two nickels to rub together, but instead of seeking gainful employment, they would rather sit on the computer and try to hack into your life to steal those two scrawny nickels.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, the punk scammers start sending you emails to get into your computer and steal your information…going after those two nickels again.

So what is the solution?  You have to have a strong, impossible to break password so you can keep a hold on what you have…but when you get as old as some of us, we start forgetting what ingenious word(s)/phrase we came up with to fool those punks.

I did come up with something.  I write all my passwords in cursive, then put them in a glass canning jar, then bury it in the backyard just in reach of the ill tempered chow we lovingly call Chance.  He mostly doesn’t like people in general.  I only bury my jar at 11:59 p.m. on the 5th Friday of every other third month that has a “R” in it.  Bring a shovel, I keep mine under the dog’s bed.

Old folks on the road

This is the post excerpt.

Do you remember driving to work, probably running a little behind because the kids didn’t have everything together for school.  And you get behind an older model pickup truck.  It is going a little slower than the traffic.  The left lane is bumper to bumper with other workers on their way to their jobs, and they are running behind as well.  So you are stuck.  Your blood pressure increases with each passing mile.  Finally you reach an intersection, the one with Hardees restaurant on the corner.  The truck turns into the drive of the restaurant.   The old guy gets out of the truck and goes inside.  You realize he is meeting his buddies for breakfast and a gab session.  Why do these folks have to go out to socialize during the morning commute, you wonder?  Don’t they realize you have to go to work on time?

Fast forward to present.  You are still working, driving that same road.  MMM, a biscuit sounds good for breakfast.  Now that the kids are out of school, you have a few extra minutes before you hit the interstate.  Then all the sudden buzzing past  you is this little lime green VW – the driver glares at you as he passes.  “What?  I doing the speed limit”  You shrug and go back to thinking about that biscuit.  Just up ahead is the Hardees.  As you slow down to make the turn into the driveway, you realize….

you are the fart now.

LaDonna J.

What is up with all the yellow cars?


Have you seen all the bright neon vehicles running the roads nowadays?  What is up with that?  Are we so bored with traditional things that now we have to make our vehicles scream ‘look at me’?  Between our obsession with tattoos and kool-aid hair and multiple body piercings, we have become a society that runs down the street screaming, “I don’t get enough attention, I want more!”  I am into doing your own thing, whatever your thing is, don’t get me wrong.  You know, “you do you” and all.  But these bright fluorescent neon optical suicide banana wagons are too stressful for me.  I must admit I was fascinated with the chrome wheels and the barely there tires.  I was intrigued with the cars and trucks jacked up so high you need an extension ladder to get in them.  But now, you will driving down the road and this alien green Prius come be-bopping by you and you almost give yourself whiplash turning your head to look to see what it is.  It just isn’t every day you see a gigantic bumblebee buzzing down the highway, is it?


So to all you attention deprived urchins, you could had a real car with what you paid to have that POS car painted up like Papa Smurf.


Just saying….